Knowledge Managment using digital technologies, transforming ideas into words, music and images.

MSc. Cyberecurity Policy, Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM), Author of “Hardware, Software; Womenware”, a memoir covering 55 years of commercial computing, Dana Winner’s multi-disciplinary career spans 40 years of Knowledge and Information Management in government, commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Since 1972 she has designed and implemented IT systems in London and for the US Federal Government, United Nations and Middle East governments, such as Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq, as well as for the private sector. Systems that she has been responsible for include eGov, eHealth, eBiz and Security Information systems. Ms. Winner’s approach to Information Management is from a Knowledge Management perspective based on her years of experience in personal and organizational development. As a business owner with expertise in Knowledge and Information systems, she is specializing in the application of knowledge and information management systems technology to solve business and social challenges in the Middle East. She prevously provided International Development and Knowledge Management expertise to Douglas Connect bioinformatics projects EBiSC, ToxBank, and eNanomapper.  She is currently a Sr. Knowledge Associate with Knowledge Associates of Cambridge, UK.